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Located in Cannington, Perth, we specialise in Passport & ID Photos for Newborn, Baby, Toddlers, Children & Adults

We can help with any International Passport Photos including Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines, US, UK, Canada.

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100% Approval Guaranteed!

High quality Passport Photo prints, conveniently trimmed and ready to go.

We include the High Resolution Digital Passport Photo and the cropped version to your required specifications.

Fast turn around time of 15 minutes.

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Taking a successful passport photo is more than just taking a simple headshot.  Each country has different technical specifications such as passport photo size dimensions, relative head size in the passport photo, background colour, hair styling and wardrobe / jacket / shirt requirements.    

Australian Passport Photo Guide

At Image Style Studio we have been taking successful passport photos for thousands of happy clients from every country on the planet, including China, India, Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Canada, US, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and ID photos for a wide variety of applications.  You can trust us to ensure your passport photo is approved.  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our Passport Photo Service includes

  • Official Passport Sized Prints, plus Duplicate prints for backup.  All prints are individually cut to size, ready to use for your convenience.
  • High Resolution Digital Image for your reference and safe keeping.
  • Digital Image for online applications, specifically sized and cropped ready to upload.
Chinese Passport Photo Guide

Top 5 Reasons why clients choose us for their Passport Photos & ID Photos

  1. Your passport photo will last 10 years or more. This is a good reason to ensure you look your best now and in the future.  Our beautify lighting will help enhance your natural features and minimise any blemishes.
  2. We have professional studio camera & lighting equipment, comfortable facilities and an abundance of patience to accomodate newborns and super active children who can’t sit still.  It is a requirement for children passport photos to ensure they are looking straight at the camera with both ears visible.  We can achieve this as smoothly as possible 🙂
  3. We guarantee your photos will be approved.  Some of our clients end up finding our studio only after having wasted time and money at several other passport photo service providers.  Get your passport photos properly photographed once.
  4. Your passport photo session is by appointment which ensures we have adequate time to look after your specific needs.  We also disinfect our studio after every client, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.  This means no waiting in queues for your turn at the busy post office or in a crowded shop filled with strangers.
  5. Family Photos & Personal Portraits.   If you’re a busy parent and have difficult getting the family together for a family portrait session, we offer a complimentary extended photo session so you can have your family photos taken at the same time as having your passport photos done.

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Have your new Passport Photos done simply by phoning us or SMS 0478118929  to book a time.

We can usually handle short notice appointments (within 20 mins) as long as we’re not already helping other clients.

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Our Passport Photos & Portraits are 100% Happiness Guaranteed!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

We guarantee your Passport Photo will be accepted, however there may be the odd occasion during a passport interview process where a photo may be rejected due to the “interpretation” of passport photo requirements by inexperienced staff at a post office or relevant agency. If a photo is rejected, please ask the interview staff exactly what is the issue and we will happily make any necessary adjustments to the image or reshoot free of charge.

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