My Boudoir Story

Isn't it time we celebrate you?

Experience the Ultimate Makeover

Fashion, Glamour & Boudoir Portraits by Kelvin Chong


Have you nurtured yourself today? No? Perhaps you're too busy looking after the kids. Supporting your partner. Running your household. Or going that extra mile at work. Because you care about meeting high standards, regardless of the stress.

Isn't it time we celebrate you?

This is why we created our Boudoir pamper sessions. To help every day women like you connect with their divine feminine power and reveal their truth.

The truth is - you're Perfect as you are.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Sexy.

We invite you to experience our Boudoir Pamper Sessions. It's a space where you can relax and discover. Be sensual. Be sultry. Be connected with your divine beauty. Just be.


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"truth is - You're perfect as you are.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Sexy."

Conveniently located near Perth’s largest shopping centre Westfield Carousel, Image Style Studio is a family owned, luxury boutique photographic studio run by Katherine & Kelvin Chong.

Having worked with many famous celebrities and top fashion models over the last 20 years, we wondered..

What if we gave everyday women the same VIP Star treatment we give our Celebrity guests?

What if everyday women were given the chance to visit an award winning studio that Celebrities and VIPs trust to make them look amazing!

Glamour Boudoir Portrait
Boudoir Glamour Portraits

A few years ago we designed and custom built Perth’s largest luxury photo studio. Beautifully furbished with elegant french furniture, luxurious bedroom and bath suites to create an extraordinary experience like no other.

We then sourced the best makeup products to pamper our clients, all performed in a friendly relaxed environment. Whether you’re going for a dewy natural glow or sexy seductive smokey eyes, our Celebrity Style team will help create your dream look.

Lights, Camera, Action! It’s Photo Shoot time! A shoot with Kelvin is always fun! Customised to your unique personality, Kelvin will help you achieve beautiful images that you never thought possible.

You’ll be professionally guided through poses that enhance and flatter your key features, and also given plenty of space to do your thing!

Smooth, Trim and Tone? Whatever you imagine we can achieve. Whether you’re wanting to go full Diva mode or keep it more natural, our in house Digital Art team will create gorgeous images you’ll absolutely love. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Whatever you can imagine.. Whatever your fantasy.. We’ll help you plan, style and create a beautiful wall art masterpiece or portrait collection you’ll absolutely fall in love with.

Our modern or classic wall art designs are a popular gift for that special someone, or a satisfying reward for yourself to enjoy for many years to come.

Choose from our exquisite range of wall art such as Classic & Contemporary Frames, Fine Art Canvas and eye catching Acrylics.


We also have gorgeous portrait boxes, handcrafted albums and digital image options giving you ultimate freedom and flexibility to do as you wish with your boudoir portraits.


You can choose from a variety of luxurious settings in our studio, or perhaps you have a favourite location in mind. For example a stylish hotel, your own home, or outdoors at a scenic beach or park.

We're fully equipped with our mobile studio lights which means we can create beautiful images anywhere, anytime.

Image Style Studio

It's all about you.

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